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Imagine experiencing the world from a different perspective from the people around you in your own culture and social group. Imagine where the limits are, how far you can go before evoking uncomfortable ideas, where the line between the merely inconvenient truth and the outrageous truth must lie. Imagine passing from the unspoken to the unspeakable. Imagine the loneliness of knowing something, if only intuitively, that others do not wish to hear.

If you can imagine that you are on the way to understanding our purpose at Alternative Views Publishing. We believe the world as we have known it-social, cultural, environmental-is in the midst of a transition so profound that voices from the past can no longer guide us. We need new voices, and our purpose is to publish them.

Our most successful title shines with that same sense of purpose. Radical Frugality: Living in America on $8,000 a Year by AVP author Nic Adams exposes the consumer credit con for what it really is, systematic rip-off. By the end of the book you should have a clear plan for living the life you want to live.

We were excited about launching our Sci Fi novel The Battle for Tomorrow on May 1, 2011. This novel represents everything we believe in with its deep ecology message and a wonderful role reversal theme of male and female. We also think we have the coolest cover illustration ever. Congrats to Eric Williams of The July Group for his rendering of the Egris creatures. We think The Battle for Tomorrow could be a guy's book that parallels the Twilight series for young women. We are happy to welcome author Frederick Bell to the AVP author line up. If you would like to review The Battle for Tomorrow, send an email to

Our first novel, Healing Lily: a novel of Hope enters its fourth year and we are happy with the reviews to date. With the 10th anniversary of 9/11 behind us, we hope people will check out this unique story of a 9/11 widow. Our first title was in the field of economics and business, a major theme of our times, and of the transition that is already happening. Japan's New Local Industry is an important look at public/private partnerships in Japan.

We will need alternative views to navigate the creative destruction that lies ahead. We plan to keep publishing those who understand this crucial insight.

Laura Maynard
Executive Editor
Alternative Views Publishing



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